Anna McRae, RD, CDE

My name is Anna and I’ve created Peak Fertility to help women find answers to their nutrition and fertility questions. Preparing to conceive involves lifestyle changes for women and their partners. I provide simple reliable evidenced based nutrition information. Making specific dietary changes can help boost fertility naturally, increase your chances of conceiving and affect your baby’s epigenetics. My mission with Peak Fertility is to empower women and couples who are planning to conceive or struggling with infertility. Eating better is the first step in achieving your peak fertility.

Professional Bio

Anna McRae is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She graduated from the University of British Columbia and has been practicing as a dietitian for 5 years. Anna is a member of the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and Dietitians of Canada. Anna's professional interests include fertility nutrition, diet for PCOS, diabetes management and mindful eating. As a dietitian Anna can tailor a meal plan to suit your specific medical and nutritional requirements which also fits your lifestyle. Anna’s personal interests include back country hiking and camping, fitness and entrepreneurship.



  • Anna provides advice based on the latest research about nutrition and fertility. Anna will help dispel food myths and provide only evidence based information.

  • Anna believes that simple and clear education makes dietary advice easier to follow. Anna will help you incorporate simple real life strategies to get your nutrition plan on track.

  • Anna appreciates that every client has a unique lifestyle and priorities. Anna listens and provides individualized advice to her clients.

  • Anna understands how anxiety and feelings of lack of control can negatively affect fertility. Anna uses a mindful approach in her nutrition counseling to help maximize fertility and reduce stress.



15-minute consultation (free):

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to see how Peak Fertility can help you optimize your fertility through nutrition.

60-minute individual session ($140)

Includes a nutrition assessment and specific dietary and supplement recommendations.

Sessions available in person (933 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada) - a private conference room will be booked for your nutrition counseling session.

Virtual sessions are available via Google Hangouts.

Dietitian services are covered by many extended health insurance plans - check yours!

3 x 60-minute session package ($360)

Nutrition changes can take up to three months to affect your fertility. This package provides ongoing support to help you meet your goals. Includes a nutrition assessment, specific dietary recommendations and an individualized fertility meal plan. In person or virtual options available.



  • Boost your natural fertility - diet choices have an impact on your chances of conceiving each month

  • Get easy to understand information you can start using today

  • Understand the role of carbohydrates, protein and fat and how they affect your hormones

  • Get help regulating your ovulation cycle which can be affected by weight, PCOS, insulin resistance or diabetes

  • Learn what foods to eat more of, and which are best to avoid

  • Learn what specific diet adjustments will have the biggest impact for you

  • Increased mindfulness around eating